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Sandee's Story

I started this "quest" several years ago -- mostly because of severe migraines and muscle aches. But after watching the Discovery Channel program on Cushings, I think maybe my doctors have been chasing the wrong problems.

I, too, until the age of 31, was very small sized, then my waist, my breasts, and my weight began to increase -- not gradually, but all at once. I have been unable to lose it. My body type disguised much of it because I have a fairly large frame, but I went from a 25" waist to a now 40" waist over the years and nothing I do makes it better. At various times, I've been diagnosed with several different things from bi-polar, manic-depressive, migraines, fibromyalgia, anxiety, and just plain over-weight. I did have a brief period where the problem went into reversal for about a year. I fell from a size 15 to a size 3 in a matter of months, but that also reversed itself again and now I'm up to an 18 and still growing.

They tried thyroid medication, a hysterectomy and various medications for all of the diagnoses, but nothing ever seems to work on everything. I've never seen my reports, but I remember one doc tor remarking that my SED rate was about 4 times the norm. All they could tell me was that this indicated inflammation somewhere in my body. Due to all of the health problems, I find it difficult to work "regular" jobs anymore and have had to quit seeking help because I no longer have any type of health coverage and I can't afford it on my own. I hurt constantly - most of it is because the weight is so hard to carry around anymore - and most days I just want to give up. The doctors all just humor me, but don't really do anything. I'm sick of the way I look and sick of feeling sick.

I hate hiding from everyone and everything, but I don't feel up to being social very often. I would love to find an answer and a solution.

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