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Samantha's Story...

it started pain in side, then prolapse blatter, fixed that but still pain the urlogist did ct said i was fine but said go to ob/gyn he didn't mention low attenuation enlargement of left adrenal, 4mm attenuation area of left lobe of liver or marked rotatory of lumbar spine.

went to gyno. did ultra sound said ovarys and uterus were unremarkable. sent me to gastro. colonoscopy removed polop said dont worry test was fine. depressed and constipated. i wondered if he herd a word i ever said. he did ct showed 2 TINY ? spots on liver MILD levoscolosis of lumbar spine,2 cm low density left adrenal mass, atherosclerotic changes aorta are noted, right ovary enlarged and has several follicles. said see ob/gyn.

i got all my test copies and he never did my polop byopsy gliadin lgA, S was 81.3. still dont know what that is i have sm. muscle antibodies 1.80 never said anything about that either.

i figured out on computer that little gland does matter went to endo test came back ok except for normetanephrine, free 1.10 

general practioner did vitiman d test and said level was that of some one in their 60s i have urinary tract infection for 4 wks. now endo sent me to johns hopkins, i will go as soon as test get back. my eyes are messed up gained lots of weight and hair i wont go anywhere i dont look like me and am embarrsed. i am afraid it is cancer hope surgery helps.

it is hard to talk to someone about this as most dr. dont know. my birthday is monday and i am going to ob/gyn wow ill be 41 and afraid, mostly worried about husband.

this site helped me alot, i am so sorry to here about suzie q i feel i knew her

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