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Sam's Story...

I have had Cushing's for a long time now, even though they just diagnosed me a little less than a year ago.

It pretty much started when I started University, I started to get really fat, bruises on my legs, my bones were really brittle, my hands were alwas really really shaky. I went to the doctors about this and asked to get my thyroid checked because this was the obvious thing I could think of that would be causing me to gain so much weight (that was the thing that bothered me the most), but that turned out fine and the doctors just left it at that. It got so frustrating because I would exercise every single day and just keep gaining weight. The other things were annoying too, especially the bruises EVERYWHERE!!

Finally I went to the hospital one day because my heart was beating really fast and I was having trouble breathing. She checked my blood pressure which was very high for someone my age (I was only 21), and then she asked me a lot of questions and put stuff together and told me what she thought it was that I had. I then went for a lot of tests, and they confirmed what she thought, and I got my surgery shortly after.

I thought that everything would be over, but it was just starting! I lost weight very quickly which made me happy, but I am having so much trouble with the prednisone and trying to get my other adrenal gland to start working...concentration, memory, tiredness, feeling really sick very often (especially when i'm standing up at my part time job), no appetite...tonze of stuff! I just want to finish school with the marks I was used to getting, and be normal again!

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