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Sallyls' Story

I have spent years back and forward to doctors and specialists, I have all of the symptoms listed on every bit of information listed except menstrual problems, and that is purely because I Had the problem and had a hysterectomy.

I recently visited my GP because I kept forgetting words, which as a senior manager is a little embarrassing. Through routine questioning my doctor established that I am awake most of the night as I wake up to go to the toilet and have a drink about 5 times. He assumed it was my diabetes but did a routine test anyway to find blood and protein in my urine so sent this away for analysis.

Fortunately for me, my GP had a new trainee sat in with him who realised that my Moon face and large stomach don’t go with my thin legs and arms and suggested cushings. I have now had blood tests to confirm cortisone and now await further tests.

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