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Roxi's Story...

Hello everyone,

I am Roxi, 50 years old in Atlanta. My problems really started when I was 30, I had my gallbladder removed, (have been off and on antibiotics since I was 4). First I was ok after the surgery, for about 6 months whew then the diarehha started, chills and fever which continued until I was about 45 and I discovered information about candida, boy was that hard getting a dr to test you...

I went to many drs and they all thought I was crazy, I am sure this was the start of all my problems, the trauma from the surgery just set everything off and the candida and diarehha just excaberated it. I even went to a gastro and he told me I need to see a pschy dr. I finally got a dr to check my stools for candida and he said no candida doesnt cause those problems but I will test you for ova and test came back too much candida and he wasnt even testing for it...made him swallow his pride which by the way they hate to do.

I have had numerous problems since then, including mild hair on chin, weight gain in middle, episodes of dizziness, nauseu, fatigue, headaches, lasts for a day then I am ok for a few months.

I was diagnosed with type II diabetes in March of 2004, however my endo did all the normal tests and everything else was ok...I started on Metaformin and avandia which made me really sick lost 30 pounds, but went off of it in Dec 2005 have gained all my weight back.

I went to my urologist on Tue 2-8-2005 thinking I had a kidney stone (which i have had off and on since 1982, 4 children) with the dizzy headache pain in right flank symptoms, she ordered a cat scan right then. When the cat scan came back it said I was stone free, she sent me home said I was ok. Then she called me on Thur and said she got the radiology report back, no stones, but a tumor 1.5 on my left adrenal. She wanted me to come in right away and do some blood work, which of course came back all the normal levels. She said to come back in 6 months to see if tumor is growing and she would send my results and cat scan to my endo. I have yet to hear from my endo now that he has my results.

I am going to get a second opinion from a endo at Emory University and see my endo too. Anyone else having similar to me please contact me.

My symptoms:

Update: February 22, 2005:

Called my endo office today to see if they received my results from my urologist (cat scan showed tumor on left adrenal 1.5 cm, blood tests normal). I was told by his assistant that they received them last week and she gave them to him. He has yet to call me about the results.

I am switching doctors today to one at Emory university, however they gave me appt with dr that specializes in thyroid problems instead of one that specializes in adrenal appt is March 4, will update then. Wish me luck...

Update: March 7, 2005:

Today I went to a new endo at Emory University in Atlanta, GA, he immediately suggested cushings and did a 20 tube blood tests, and a 24 hr urine test. He said if my results on any of the hormones come back abnormal he will recommend surgery, if they are normal he will monitor my left adrenal tumor 1.5 cm for growth in 6 months and repeat the blood tests and urine tests. He also put me back on the avandamet 2/1000 which is half what my other dr gave me. At this time my dizzy vertigo spells are becoming more frequent, up to at least once a week and my fatigue is daily now. I am ok when I first get up in the am, but by lunch time am exhausted.

Hope this info helps anyone else with their problems with this disease. I go back to see the Dr. on March 25, after he sees the results. Roxi

Updated 3/18/2005

I called Drs office today, they said tests were good, and are sending me a copy of the test results by mail. These were just the blood tests, March 25th, I go to see the dr again and get results of the 24hr urine. I also contacted NIH today because they are doing a study on adrenal tumors. I am going to get my doctor to send my information to the NIH and hope I can get some help there. Thanks everyone...will update after March 25...Love always and in all ways....Roxi

Updated 4/3/2005

Hi everyone,

I signed up for the adrenal tumor study last month at NIH and got a call from a Dr. S there, who wanted to make sure I get my endo to fax a referral to him so I can be considered for the study.

I had another of my dizzy vertigo spells last night...weird feeling...I want them to go away and not come back...along with the diabetes and sleep apnea. If anyone else is having these weird things happen please email me...I also sent my salivary test in on Tues March 29 as strange as this sounds I hope it comes back dr did say he would take the tumor out if any of my tests came back high....

Have a great day...thanks for reading my bio....hope this helps you...

Love always and in always...

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