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Rowena's Story

My Cushing's probably started in 2003 when I gained back the 50 lbs I had recently lost. The weight came back rather quickly while I was still dieting and the abdomen protruded more than it did when I was at that weight previously.

Over the years I developed more symptoms, bruising easily, fatigue, feeling hot all the time, irregular menses then amenorrhea, purple straie on the abd and axilla areas and in 2006 developed muscle weakness and had a spontaneous hip fracture in Sept 2006.

In January 2007 I was seen by an endocrinologist for amenorrhea and the workup for Cushings began. My tumor was not visible on MRI and the surgeon could not locate it during surgery and removed 50% of my pituitary gland. I obtained a "cure" as indicated by no cortisol being detected in several blood samples as well as in a 24 hour urine for free cortisol.

My surgery was on May 2, 2007 and so am still recovering.

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