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Rosemary's Story...

Hi my Name is Rosemary. I had a cyst drained over a year ago from my ovary. And I was diagnosed with endometriosis and had it removed this past Jan. I have not had a period in months (I thought that had to do with the endometriosis being removed), I have stretch marks, (always have), I am diagnosed bipolar, My upper body is more swollen than ever and I have gained pretty much 50 lbs over the last year. I thought it was due to my other medical problem.........but I'm swollen again like I'm pregnant. My neck is now all swollen lymph nodes........I ordered relacore but obviously that can't battle this disease.

My sister is a DR and mentioned the possibility of me having this, when I asked my primary DR he laughed at me. ........I'm pretty sure I have something......too much cortisol at least.

And I have an appt with an endocrinologist this month. I promise you a dr won't laugh at me again when I say I think I have cushings.

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