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Ronnie's Story

Please help me find a new doctor.

I am now 37 but have been dealing with terrible symptoms for about 4 years now. I have not been diagnosed yet, because I am running into a lot of rude, uncaring, doctors that just keep referring me to someone else, or more blood test, or the old stand by, you are too fat, lose weight. I am desperate to find a doctor that will listen to me as I believe I may have Cushings or an adrenal problem.

The first signs I noticed were insomnia, night sweats, fatigue, then out of no where the menstration stopped, sever lower left side back pain, excessive hair growth on my chin. Over the last three years I have had countless blood tests, been to several doctors and the symptoms keep coming. The muscle and joint pain in unbearable, the faigue keeps me in bed most days, I feel out of it mentally, I am totally heat intolerant, mood swings, migraines, ocular migraines, and I also had a detached retina which no one can explain why or how that happened. I have had maybe 2 "normal" periods in the last 2 years.Then, the weight gain, out of no where, almost 100 lbs in the last three years and the pot belly which has many asking me if I am preganant!!!! I constantly feel like I have PMS and the night sweats are just terrible. I have foot pain that somedays keeps me from walking, especially after sitting for long periods.

I have actually had two OB GYNS tell me to "wait it out, lose weight, all in my head" and then give me more blood test. I went to see an Endo ( during my discussion with her, I broke down as I was at my wits end) who told me she didn't know what wrong with me, then proceeded to tell my I might have PCOS but she wasn't for sure and if I was 16 like the young girl she had just diagnosed with it for sure, then I would have something to cry about.

My SED rate has been high for years, my liver count is high, my IGF 1 growht hormone is extremely low, I had extremely high free testosterone levels and now, they are extremely low. I have had abnormal test results for the last 3 years. I just recently got new test results showing my testosterone level is 4 which is VERY low and my doctor said is abnormal, but yet she wants me to wait 6 weeks and have the test again to be sure. (She is going on maternity leave in 3 weeks). AFTER 3 years, just wait again I am told!

None of the doctors will help me and I continue to suffer. I am really at my wits end, I am depressed and almost afraid to go to another doctor, because it is the same results. I need information from anyone on a doctor close by me that will have compassion and give me the proper test. i have been on provera, birth control, and metformin so many times, I could scream.

Can anyone provide the name of a good doctor? I would so appreciate it. My life is on hold right now because of this problem. I really need answers.

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