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Ron's Story...

I am a (nearly) 50-year-old computer network engineer (father of three) who had a 2.5 cm pituitary tumor removed 6 years ago. That tumor was accidentally found when having my sinuses x-rayed for an allergist as part of a work-up. I had an MRI followed by visits to appropriate doctors for tests and subsequent surgery for a non-functioning, non-malignant macroadenoma. Following this first surgery, I have had 6 years with with absolutely no symptoms.

About 6 weeks ago, I was diagnosed with diabetes and my blood pressure (for which I have been on meds for 6 or so years) was up. My wife suggested (after searching the web) that they check for another pit tumor. Well, this one is 1.8cm. When they called to tell me, it was as though they kicked me in the stomach.

Field of vision tests and most blood work is back showing "normal" readings.

The neurosurgeon believes that this tumor is too large for any treatment other than another transsphenoidal surgery. However, he is very cautious about another surgery (which I appreciate, because the first one was NO fun!).

There is a part of me that would like for the diabetes/high blood pressure to be related to this tumor and that I could be lucky enough that removal of same would bring me back to my same "old" self.

Unfortunately, the endo and the surgeon seem to believe that an additional surgery will most likely leave me with less (if any) pituitary functionality... which is much more frightening than severe dietary modifications.

Another concern is regarding my current endo. He did not order the 24-hour cortisol test (which was performed last time). Can a true evaluation of the functioning/non-functioning nature of my tumor be determined without this test?

I know, after "lurking" here among the "boards" that I am one lucky so-and-so! This could all be so much more difficult and I now know it.

Thank you to all of you who respond to my questions. Your support means a lot to both me and my wife.

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