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RiAna's Story

Hello myname is RiAna ,and I am 21 years old. I live in Illinois with my fiance Bizzy .

I came here to hopefully get some questions & find out more info about cushings & pseudo cushings. I know that I have one of them I just don't know which one ,I have been battling this for years & years & I am so ready for it to be over .It is taking my life over .

I mean I now have been in & out of the hospital for mental health ,I was told I was bipolar & then told after being in therapy for 2 months that it's all from the cushings ,so really I don't know what to think.

I will explain more later if anybody would like to share some info with me I would love to her from you.I hope we can to something about this disease & get more people involed in helping people with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for your time can't wait to hear from you !!!!!

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