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Rhonda's Story...

I am a Cushing's patient status post Tranphenoidal Pituitary Surgery May 1001. As with most of us the road was hard to diagnosis. By the time I reached someone to really help Urine Cortisol was 841 with top normal for this lab 90.

I really was dying. Also have disease called Avascular Necrosis or Osteonecrosis from longterm, hi steroid use for asthma and paralyzed vocal cord in 1980's. Have had both shoulders, both hips, and right knee replaced and to have left knee in future. Also, have Diabetes Insipidus from the surgery. According to Dr. is permanent but much better than active Cushing's.

Am a disabled RN. I have been on both sides of the bed, "so to speak."

Faith, Family and friends get you through, but only another Cushing's patient knows how it feels. I'll add more later.

Hang in there, Rhonda

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