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Rhoda's Story

Hey everyone my name is rhoda, i'm 31 years old and was diagnosed with cushings when i was 13 years old, i started getting symtoms at 10 yrs old,

i had the tumour on my pituitary removed, then both my adrenals, then i got nelsons and had to have radio therapy, then after this my whole pituitary systems crashed and i was described by doctors like " a car without an engine" for years i was told i could not get pregnant, but only recently i was told this is possible with the help of FSH injections,

i would love a baby but need to lose a load of weight, doctors also tell me i will find it hard to lose weight as i can't break food down like the average person, my questions to anyone out there is, first, have any of you had the pituitary breakdown and do you find it hard to shed the weight, and have anyone got the FSH injections and became pregnant and had a healthy pregancy and birth, and healhty baby, i ask my doctors about this all the time, but they never give me a yes or no answer so i;m very confused about this, can someone help me on this i feel so alone,

i've heard of people with cushings but not as far as the pituitary crashing and someone having to have the FSH injections to get preganant, please help if you can!

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