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Renee L's Story...

Hi my name is Renee LaChae and I am 19 years old. I found out I had Cushings in April of 2004 and that I had a tumor on my pituatary glad.

I actually started gettting sick in January of 2004. I started gaining weight and feeling really bad all the time. When I went to my doctor he told me that I was just gaining weight and that I had high blood pressure. So I joined Curves and went on a diet. Even with diething the weight kept coming. In March, I started getting the bad strech marks. I showed my mom the marks and we decided to go back and see the doctor. Then the doctor told me all the strech marks were from the weight gain and excercising. I knew it had to something else but I didnt know what. Then, in early April I got really sick and it hard for to breath, so my parents took me the ER and thats when I found out what I had.

I then went and saw a neurosurgeon and was scheduled for surgery May 3, 2004. I spent 7 days in the hospital and went home still feeling very bad.

It has now been 2 months since surgery and things are still bad. I am on 30 mg of the hydrocrostison. I am not going to get to go back to college this fall.

If anyone has any more info or wants more info from me email me at

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