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Renai's Story

Hi there, I have been having specific symptoms for a few years now, after getting no where with my GP, I was told about Cushing by a friend, I changed doctors, she said she didn't think I had cushings because I did not have a moon face, but had me do a 24 hour urine free cortisol test anyway,

she called me in the following week to discuss my results as my level has come back 390 apparently a little high, she phoned an endo, who said if it has been 800 or 900 he would of seen me straight away. Instead told her for me to have 4 more 24hour tests over the next 4 weeks, I have did 2 of these, the endo told her if they all come back with higher than normal reading he would see me and have more test done to rule out cushings.

I have facial hair, central obesitly, back aches, irregular periods, Fatty liver, kind of a hump on back of neck, tired, stretch marks not from pregnancies, unexplained bruising, headaches, lactating (youngest child 4 and half, never breastfed). Probably more, just cant think right now.

I was wondering if I might be on the right track for a diagnoses, I am anxious about my results, doc ruled out PCOS, and also what are the usual cortisol levels of people who have already been diagnosed with cushings

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