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Raquel's Story

Ok so here is my story so far. I am a 31 year old mother of one 2year old boy. Currently 236lbs......

I think this all started about 4years ago. I was a size 10/12 and started gaing weight. With in a year I went from 160 to 200 (size 16/18). Then I got pregnant with my son. I had a very difficult pregnancy. I had pitting edema at 12 weeks, severe carpal tunnel in both hands at 12weeks, at 30 weeks I developed PIH (pregnancy induced hypertension) and polyhydramnious (SP?). They put me on bedrest at 32 weeks had the baby by c-section at 38 wks. My blood work always came back fine. They swore I had preclampsia but were baffeled by my labs. My c-section incision oozed for weeks and took forever to heal. I had to pack it with gauze.

After the baby I have never felt right. Tired all the time, headaches.... so I went to the doc. He did blood work and ordered a sleep study. Turns out I have very mild sleep apnea. The blood work came back with borderline low potassium and mild polycythemia. After 3 months on cpap the polycythemia has gotten slightly better but the potssium got lower. So I went on a high potassium diet for 2 weeks and got it up from 3 to 4.2. I have developed in the last 4 months.... what I think is the buffalo hump, my face is out of control with acne, it is really round and I now have a double chin, I have put on 3lbs in the last 2 weeks, and devloped high blood pressure. I have only had 1 period in 4 months and have purple patches on my legs. I have had stretch marks since the begining but they are out of control. I have veins popping out everywhere and a couple of weeks ago went to the E.R. because my pupils were unequal. They did a head C.T. and found nothing. Blood work and found nothing. I think they thought I was crazy!!! So I am going to the doctor today and going to ask for a refferal to an endocrinologist.

If anyone has any comments to this please feel free to e-mail me. I don't know if I have Cushing's but what else could it be?????

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