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Rania's Story...

Hello all. My name is Rania, and I am a 27 year-old female law student in Cincinnati, OH.

I have been very happily married for almost 2 years now, and do not yet have any children, but can't wait to be a mom! Due to my current symptoms, I have had to lighten my load at school and will therefore hopefully graduate only 6 months late in December 2008. For that reason, I am also postponing family plans.

I am being treated with steroids for arthralgia (arthritis-like symptoms) but have had a great deal of unusual symptoms in the past year that led my doctor to mention Cushing's to me just last week. So, I'm awaiting some preliminary blood test results that might lead to more in-depth tests. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the moment - but am sincerely eager to have some kind of answer, no matter what it is, so that I can undergo treatment and look forward to feeling better.

I'm grateful for your site and eager to learn more.

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