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Peggy's Story...

I am the Daughter of a Helen, the real irony here is her birth place is Cushing OK, my mother was diagnosed when she was a child with Cushings, by a old doctor, but he had advised she only had a mild case, and did not need to be treated, since she has been diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes, but her blood sugar is very erractic, boucing up and down like a ball,

she was already disabled due to Asthma she is now 60, and has had a pacemaker installed, due to erractic heartbeats, recently in just the last few months she has been extremely tired, she cant walk a block without being breathless, one night it was so bad she walked from her car to my doorstep wich is only 20 feet, and was ready to pass out, needless to say she went to the ER and they kept her there, sending her to the VA, as she is a veteran under a disability,

they kept her 3 days, then sent her home but they did run the urine test and discovered the Cushings has progressed to the point it is affecting her health in major ways, and making too much cortisone, she has always been a very strong person in many ways, but the what this disease is doing to her is more than I would have ever known,

I will yake any advise that anyone can give in helping, as it stands now I feel like making her live with me just so I know she is not alone until they get it under control

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