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Peggy's Story...

Dec. 20, 2006

On September of 2005 I was diagnosed with a prolactinoma (over production of the hormone prolactin). After an MRI that showed I had an adenoma on my pituitary gland, I was then referred to the endocrinologyst and was started on bromocriptine. I was taking that for a couple of weeks but the side effects were too much to bear. So my doctor changed my prescription to cabergoline which I only have to take twice a week and seems to be more effective. After a year my levels of prolactin went down, sure I should feel good about that. What I don't have an answer for is my weight gain, the hair growth on my face, my thighs, and lower abdomen. Also the hump I have in the back of my neck and my constant fatigue. Of course I asked the doctors about it and they recommended I talk to a nutritionist and I excercised more. I did but I saw no improvement, on the contrary, I've gained more weight.

At this point I hate food and I eat less then I should. I don't get hungry and when I eat, I'm full with only a few bites. I know this is not good but trying to find somebody who believes that maybe there could be something wrong and is not that your are just fat and lazy. After a car accident this past July, I got an MRI of my neck and when I saw the hump in my back was just fat I wanted some answers and I wasn't getting them from my doctors.

I went on the internet and found cushing's disease...that explained a lot of my problems so I told the endocrinologyst. She order a 24 urine sample to test my levels of cortisol, she admited the levels were hight but that it couldn't be cushing's, I am not obese, I don't have huge purpulish stretch marks or a gigantic buffalo hump. I think I already feel horrible enough with the changes I've experience over the past few years and it scares me that I have to transform that much so that they can actually give me a diagnosis. I was skinny my whole life when everything was normal. Then in 2001 I injured my back and gained some weight but lost it after my surgery. Over the last three years I've gained about 40lbs and I thought it was just stress. I tried to fight it by eating healthy and excercising but it didn't work. Now I also have to see a counselor for my depression.

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