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Paula R's Story

Hi Im Paula, 43 from Ireland.

I had a subtotal thyroidectomy in Feb 2006 for an overactive thyroid, reason for this is the overactivity could not be controlled with medication and am now on thyroid replacement (thyroxine). My thyroid levels are all over the place, I have only had one 'normal' blood test result since my operation. I am at present awaiting a diagnosis on Cushings, by way of a 24hr urine analysis, results due in the next few days. I have also recently been diagnosed with hypertension (high blood pressure) and Oedema (Fluid retention).

I went for a reflexology session yesterday for the first time, hoping it would help but the therapist said there is no point in having any more sessions as I am retaining so much fluid. I have gained so much weight around my middle in the last few months, have many sleepless nights, sweat terribly and my energy levels are poor. Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated, I feel terribly unwell and worn out.

Update September 2006

Paula from Ireland updating my bio... I have had the 24hr urine analysis done, which came back normal, then a few weeks later I had the dexamethasone test done, low dose 1mg at 11pm, blood taken at 9am next morning. My endocrinologist said the cortisol levels were low but this is normal within a certain range?? This was done on the telephone and she told me my levels were 33 out of 50? I have no idea what this means and didnt get any explanation from her.

From what I can gather further dexamethasone, serum cortisol levels, tests should have been carried out, I seem to have been cast aside. I am so frustrated because I have all these symptoms and no one seems to be taking me seriously. I still have the high blood pressure, weight that is so hard to shift even though

I am working out at the gym 3-4 times per week, serious insomnia, odema, low energy levels... where do I go from here?? Any advice would be appreciated.

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