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Norma L's Story

I was diagnosed in August 2004 with Pituitary Cushings Disease. I had surgery to remove the tumor on October 13, 2004. I am 2 weeks post-op right now and I am having a really hard time dealing with the whole being "sick" thing since I have always been considered a healthy person. I have a daughter who is almost 6 years old and I am unable to do anything with her and have been for some time. I have every symptom of the disease and the one that has gotten to me most is the hair growth on my face. I do not feel like a woman. I feel as though all of that has been stripped away from me by this cruel disease. I went from being someone who never takes medication to a person who carries a whole pharmacy in her purse. I am so depressed that I cry all of the time and can not maintain normal day to day functions. Is there any help for me anywhere?

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