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Nina's Story...

I was miss diagnosed with cushings sydrome for about 10-15 years. I had surgury in 2001 - November 5. I keep on going to the hospital and was wondering what was wrong with me. They kept on telling me that i had to go on a diet. Since i work in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. I work 3x3. I am at work for 3weeks and home for 3weeks. The doctors kept telling me that i had a sleeping disorder.

After all those years of being depressed and all by myself. I was so overweight through my late 20's until I was 37 years old, when i had Brain surgury. My self esteem and confidence were very low. Even now i still have a hard time. I still have a hard time with depression and low self esteem, i am still having trouble with my weight. it is hard for me because i am so emotional, sometime my moods are up and down. it is like a challange for me to stay up.

It has been 5 years and i am having a hard time. can you help me? I feel like i am all alone. i don't have much support.

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