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Natalie's Story...

I am now Adrenal Insufficient (Addison's) due to having both Adrenals removed . In 1999 I had a tumor on my left and again this year on my right . Both where Benign . I also completed a clinical trial at NIH under the reseach guidance of Dr. Stratakis and Dr. Babar . I am very greatful for their services and care . I am now with a Endocrine doctor at Johns Hopkins who is doing follow up on my labs as well as a new found tumor on my thyroid gland .

I also had Gastric Bypass surgery in 2004 and have lost a total of 200 pounds .. and hoping to maintain now that I am on this hydrocortisone .

I am 43 years young .. a grandmother and getting ready to marry the man of my dreams . He has been very supportive of me during all of this ..

I am still very new to all of this AI and Addisons .. so bare with me ..

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