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Molly's Story...

I'm 19 years old and have been struggling to stay sane for the last 3 years. When I was 16 I had my first "attack" (severe pain in my upper abdomin, vomiting, diarhea, dizziness) The pain was so severe that I went straight to the emergency room. They told me it was just a viral infection, put me on antibiotics, and told me that everything would be okay. After that was when the weight gain started. At the time I was 5'8" athletic and weighed about 150 lbs. By the next year I weighed 250 lbs. and was unable to do much of anything.

The nausea, vomiting and diarhea are constant. I haven't eaten a meal in 2 years that didn't immediatly come back up in some form within minutes of eating it. I have disgusting red/blue stretch marks on my stomach, arms, upper thighs that just won't go away. I have extremely high blood pressure for my age (avg. 140/110). I can barely go anywhere because the onset of nausea and diarhea has become too much of a hassle. I have severe panic attacks that include muscle shocks, and being unable to put together a full sentence. I have flares every couple of months that cause unbelievable pain and sickness. I've lost a lot of the fullness of my hair. I have been unable to have a good nights sleep in a long time, and so sleep a lot during the day. I am always tired and find it extremely hard to focus.

When this all started I was a very focused highschool student with perfect grades. After this I missed so much school that my grades dropped and I was then considered truant. I dropped out my senior year because of the sickness/weight gain, but eventually finish getting my degree. I haven't enrolled in college due to the fact that my ability to focus on school and being at school is in question. I lost my job from getting sick so often at work and having to call in a lot. I am currently unemployed.

My insurance dropped me at the onset of all of this calling it a pre-exsisting condition, even though it has yet to be diagnosed. Therefore, I am now thousands of dollars in debt with medical bills, and everyone in town is refusing to see me.

I have seen many doctors, including my Primary, but all said that I was either making it up or it was just the stomach bug and the weight gain was completely unrelated. Eventually I went to the ER and he referred me to a Gastroentorologist who (and I quote) said, "You obviously aren't THAT sick or you wouldn't be so fat."

These problems and set backs have ruined my life. It wasn't until last night (02-15-07) that I saw the episode of Mystery Diagnosis, and knew that Cushing's was a likely diagnosis. My only problem now is that I am uninsured, unemployed, and can't get anyone to help. I also live in the state of illinois which states that I am only eligible for medicaide if I am under 18 or have a child. (of which neither relate)

I'm desperate at this point trying every rescource to find someone to help.

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