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Michelle's Story

I came here trying to learn about Cushings because it was a possibility along with any numerous issues.

I have had a weight problem since late highschool when I gained 200lbs from the time I was 17-19 years of age. I have battled it since. I have been sick since I was a teenager with immune system problems. I have had muscle weakness, pain, and fatigue since I was about 13 years old. I went through puberty early, grew tall, but stopped growing at the age of 13.

As an adult things got worse, also having to deal with depression and anxiety resulting from health problems and OCD. I was diagnosed with PCOS around 2000 after having had two surgeries ( a d&C and a ovarian cyst removal) in 1998 and 1999.

Around 2004, I was finally diagnosed with a primary immune deficiency and did well when I was actually able to get the treatment I needed. However, I still suffered from the weight, joint pain, weakness, fatigue, and also had developed high blood pressure right after I had a breast reduction in 2000.

Since around 2006, I have experienced more weakness, falls, tremor, twitching, and an increase in mood issues. My bp varies going from high to normal. I cannot take any stress whatsoever anymore, and am falling to pieces. I have tried vehemently to get help and the care I need, and I cannot even get a proper diagnosis to see if I have kidney stones or not! So, here I am. I have a pcp who thinks I might have an adrenal problem, Cushing's, or tumor and have to see an endo. Mind you, this is the second endo I will be seeing since the first did not check me for anything except diabetes and had diagnosed me with mild hypothyroidism.

I also had a diagnosis of diabetes from a few former doctors which has now since been reversed. Also, I no longer am diagnosed with hypothyroid as well. So, I am a mystery. I have gone to a neurologist, and nothing has panned out there as I thankfully did not have M.S. or any other neurological disorder like myasthenia gravis. The only thing he did determine was I had some sort of inner ear issue causing balancing and dizziness, and amazingly had developed mild carpal tunnel in my left hand. This is more than carpal tunnel in my left hand. I get cramping and weakness, twitching, and shaking in it so bad I sometimes cannot even use it, cut food, etc.

So, when I get a diagnosis I will be a happy camper...I just pray to God it will be treatable.

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