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Michelle's Story

I'm from sunny hurricany rainy hot Florida LOL I work in electronic manufacturing. I fix electronics. T/s and repair. " fix it Mich"

My problems started after some extremly stressful events happened in my life. One day, I fainted at work. The fainting spells kept happening over a period of 2 to 3 weeks. I was at work when it happened as well and the company nurse decided to check my blood sugar. It was extremely low ( 60) I was sweaty and agitated. I ate as the nurse suggested and it didn't help me feel better. I later found myself in the emergency room. Multiple blood tests later, I was diagnosed with Hypoglycemia ( excess insulin in my body) and Possible Cushing Due to high Cortisol in 24 hr urine test. Had the Dex suppression test and it was negative (it did suppress the cortisol) but, my Cortisol levels continued to be high. Diagnosed me as Pseudo-Cushing's. ( possibly not caused by a tumor).

I recently woke up and found that I now have what appear to be Red Stretch marks on my lower abdomin and now I am gaining weight for no apparent reason.

To control the hypoglycemia, I eat about 4 to 5 small meal per day (about 1500calories, heck I eat the same damn thing everyday!!! LOL. My blood sugar is very stable now. Always at about 100 after I eat.... much better!!

Now, I'm really getting confused. I still live with a lot of stress. and now a lot of worry because I don't know why I feel so fatigued and so much concern about my weight gain and diet. Ughh. I'm normally a very active and athletic person. Now, I can barely walk the dog without tiring myself. I push myself through the exhaustion. I am exercising everyday (weights and excercise bands). I really found this web site to be very helpful. I am comforted by reading some of the other stories and bios here. Thanks for that :)

Michelle "fixitmich"

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