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Michelle's Story

I was diagnosed with Cushings Disease in Sep 1997, had my first pit surgery in March 1998.

Recovered from surgery but was found to have Addisons after a very bad Addisonion Crisis. Then nothing until Nov 2006 when i started to get a few little symptoms that i chose to ignore, saw a new endo in May 2007 and the testing started again, synacthen test, lddst, itt and an mri scan.

Was diagnosed with low grade recurrent cushings disease and am due to see a neuroendo in oct 2007, i have a acth secreting tumour of the pit gland.

I am still classed as having Addisons as the cortisol my adrenals is producing is too low to maintain my health, i am also severly GH deficient, i also have osteopenia with T-score of -1.5 at the spine and -1.6 at the hip. My current medication is 15mg of hydrocortisone a day plus calcichew d3 forte twice daily.

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