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Michelle's Story

I guess this all started a few years ago with a hump in the back of my neck. I never told anyone and certainly never showed anyone until yesterday 4-19-2005.

I went to a surgeon because my gp found a spot on my thyroid after. I saw him for the front of my neck which stared to enlarge over the last year or so and people started commenting on it. he tought it was a goiter and sent me for blood work and an ultra sound of my neck which when they found the tiny mass on my thyroid and sent me to the surgeon who said he din't understand because It was to small to biopsy.

I then showed him the hump which I felt might be significant and hadn't even shown the gp. his eyes lit up and he started asking all kinds of questions about weight gain which in the last few years has gone from 97 lbs to 157 lbs.

He then decided to send me for ct scans of my neck, chest and abdomen which with any luck we will have the results today. He says he thinks it may be cushings syndrome and wants me to see and endo but I cant get in for 3 monts so now I guess I wait.

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