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Michelle's Story

I am 46 yrs old, married w/three children ages 24, 20, 15. I have always been active skiing, walking, hiking, zest for life and had great social support (cookouts, parties, dinner w/ husband etc. Shopping w/friends etc.

For the last year I haven't worked--it was too exhausting and i'd have to pull over on my way to & from work to take quick 5 min. Naps because sometimes I felt I was falling asleep at the wheel.

I basically never leave the house now; even to go grocery shopping (my husband has been doing it for past 6 mos) i will go to things that I absolutley have to; family b-days, funerals, weddings etc. (I hate to even say that)! This is just a quick explanation of medical details because it's quite long and would take a really long time to type.

Finally, something is going to be done about all of the ailments that I have had; some for years; others the last few months and some have started just recently seems to be accelerating these last two weeks. Prim. Care fiinally got it too-blood work was just done last week-then dr. Said she'd see me when bloods are in sometime next week & give me the name of an endocronoligist at MGH and give me a referal for MRI of my head (tumor?)--I started menses 18mos old bones locked @ 9 yrs old--all symptoms point to cushings.

Thanks for hearing me...

P.S. Pardon any spelling errors!

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