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Melynette's Story

My name is Melissa, im a 25yr old, who started gaining weight without actually eating it!! I started to wonder what it was, went to many doctors, from Neurologist, Nefrologist, cardio, general dr, etc... None found what i had, all guessed it was Thyroid, but every test came back negative. After coming from vacation, my legs were swollen and my boss sent me to an Internal Medicine DR. I brought him all the past test results, after looking at them he started calling doctors. When he hanged up he said to me: "I need u to get this MRI done today". After I got my results back there it was the pituitary adenoma he was looking for. A sight of relief.

Then the quest started, when to the Neuro-Surgeon and he sent me to an endo. The thing was the endo said i was FAT and only made me do a diet!! YES!! no more testing just a dumb diet!! He wanted me to wait a year or 2 before deciding in surgery.

So then I forgot about it for a while. Until one day i went to my doctor and he weighted me on the scale, and i saw i had gained almost 30 pounds!!!! Then the depression started. I felt soo bad coz i couldn't do anything.

Then one day in my baby's eye doctor appointment i saw an advertisement for another endo, who it said specialized in pituitary and obesity. That was it for me. I called and made the appointment, which was today!!

The first thing she said to me was: You look like you have Cushing's !! I cannot explain what I felt on that moment, it was such joy in my heart!!

She sent me to do a CT Scan of my adrenal glands, to verify that i dont have any tummors there, since some of the recurrence of the disease is because doctor;s removed one tummor and didn't know the patient had both. So after getting it done, she is going to send me to the School of Medicine & Research Hospital to get the treatment I need!!!

I'll keep everyone posted....

From Puerto Rico with love!!

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