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Melody's Story

Symptoms began in 1995, I was in a very stressful marriage-soon to be divorce. I gained 80 lbs in alittle under 6 months. I had been a professional actress and am a registered nurse for 10 years at that time, so I considered myself a professional dieter! I tried everything and the weight continued to accrue. I also began experiencing profound fatique, severe muscle weakness and pain, constant nausea, headaches and carbohydrate craving that was frightening. Long story short, it is now 10 yrs later and I have heard everything from "Fat Depressed Woman's Syndrome" to PCOS to sleep disorder. My sx have waxed and waned. I have been seen by a family practicioner, rheumatologist, neurologist, obgyn, internal medicine and psychiatrists. Not to mention the endocrinologists that refused to test me because "cushing's is rare" and I am just another hypochondriacal RN.

I finally (20 years later) in the care of a female endo who is willing to pursue the testing beyond a 24 hr urine (which was normal) and a dex test that was positive at 3.7.

I plan to repeat the dex test and then possibly have the saliva test.

I am so grateful for this site, I have read everyone's bio and it is a comfort to know that I am not necessarily crazy!

I will try to download pics.


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