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Melissa's Story...

I am new to this frustrating battle of diagnosis and so happy to find this site.

I was diagnosed with PCOS about 4 yrs ago - had 1 insulin test & was put on glucophage. Except meds are not helping and about 1 1/2 ago, I started feeling worse. I finally decided to see an Endocronologist, however finding the staff & doctor to be incompentent.

I have an appointment w/another dr, but not until dec. It is June. I was pushy enough to get several tests done and am waiting for my 24 hr urine cortisol test results. The only thing that I have not had so far is the striae, not that I don't have stretch marks, but they are older scars.

The new thing I noticed today was the buffalo hump. My biggest complaint is headaches (constant) and all my weight is going to my abdomen. I suddenly have high blood pressure, but I think that is the stress from dealing with the doctor's office. My cholesterol is 252 and I am only 32, eat healthy and try to excersize when I am not passed out from lack of sleep. Sound familiar to anyone?

I wonder if this is really a rare disease or just that doctors are not diagnosing people correctly. I am going to stay on top of the current doctor to do more tests and hopefully the other doctor that I see in Dec will be better.

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