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Melinda's Story

I was diagnosed with Cushings Disease in July 2007 I had my surgery on Aug29,2007 to have the tumor removed the surgery went well and they beleive that they got the whole thing I will find out on Mon.Dec.3,2007 if they are right I will be getting a MRI to find out.

It has been 3mos since I had my surgery now and I am seeing some changes I have lost 28 lbs. my face is starting to slim down some, my hump has changed a lot its still big but I can really feel the difference which makes me happy I can look up with out it stopping me, I kind of feel like my weight has shifted some.

Some big problems that I am having is that my legs, anckels, and feet are VERY swollen all the time and it makes it painful to walk around, I also am having trouble with the joint in my hands it hurts to try to open things or to grip onto something I still am weak in alot of ways but I am getting around and I know that it takes time for everything to go back to the way it should be

Oh another good thing is that I am off of all my med.s except Zocor and Laxis (the water pill) I am no longer diabetic YEAH!

So like I said things are happening for me and I think god and thank you all for your prayers and support there are many of you that I have been able to chat with and have helped me so much so kudos to all of you we all can get through this and we can do it together.

I would love to hear from others so please e-mail me it is always great to hear from someone else that knows what you are going through I can always use the help and if I can help someone else through this hard time or you just need someone to listen I am here. I am not sure on how to put on some pictures of me so if you know how I can do this please let me know.

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