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Melinda's Story...

My name is Melinda and I'm 18 years old from Portland, Oregon. On June 13th of 2007 I was diagnosed with Cushings Disease.

My doctor from Michigan suspects that I've had Cushings since 2005.

Update August, 2007

Hello everyone. My name is Melinda and I'm 18 years old from Portland, Oregon. I'm originally from Farwell, Michigan.

Anyhow, back in June of 2007 I was diagnosed with Cushing's Disease in Michigan but am waiting for a complete diagnosis from OHSU here in Portland, Oregon.

So far they found a tiny 2.5mm tumor on my pituitary gland. So now I'm just waiting for my lab work results to come back. And it seems to be taking forever.

Well here's my story in a nutshell:

I started to get sick toward the end of December of 2005/beginning of 2006. Since I've gotten sick I've gained literally another me (over 100 lbs) within a year. My weight didn't just sort of come on either but rather in spurts. Two distinctive spirts to be exact once in the spring of 2006 (gained about 50 lbs within about 3 months) and then another one in the spring of 2007 (gained another 50 to 70 lbs within about 2 months). I've also got all of the classic signs of Cushing's.

Well I guess that pretty much sums it up.

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