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Megan F's Story...

I believe my Cushing's started to develop approximately 3 years ago. I have gained some 40 pounds, had severe depression, and possibly every symptom on every Cushing's summary ever made. I have heard the word "hypochondriac" more times than I care to mention.

Convinced that I was a hypochondriac, I did a search on WebMD and the - using their symptom checkers, and many of my symptoms matched those of hypothyroidism. After some reading, I found that you have to see an endocrinologist for your thyroid. Luckily, I have a PPO - so I self referred myself to the nearest endo who had an opening in the next 6 months, determined to have a professional tell me that YES, it's all in your head, go home, take a tylenol, and give up.

About a month later, me and my handwritten list of symptoms collected over the period of a year or so waltzed into the endo's office. I announced that I was a hypochondriac and would like him to confirm such self-diagnosis for me. Instead however, he took one look at me and my list, poked the fat on the back of my neck and said "cortisol." Boy, was I on the internet ALL night that day!

So, 2 regular 24 hr free cortisol tests...and then the REALLY fun week long, dexamethasone suppression - get it right or you have to start all over - urine tests later...and we ruled out pituitary. He ordered a CT, I called and bothered the imaging center until they could get me in the next day, and then he checked the results online the next day - very cool!

Diagnosis: 2.3 cm left adrenal adenoma. Seems small, but BOY is it a little *insert choice word here* He called very timely to tell me. He's currently calling around to find a surgeon. I called the NIH to ask for a list of recommended doctors...which they couldn't give me. I located one in San Francisco and asked him to give me his opinion on surgeons in San Diego. He named a few, all of whom are not on my, we'll see.

I hate thinking there's something in me that has made me this way. I feel like CRAP every day. I sleep horribly. I have high blood pressure and mild diabetes. I've had a headache for a week because there's something wrong with my neck. I have acne in HORRIBLE places. I fall asleep in the afternoon. I have HORRIBLE mood out for me in busy parking lots!! I was in a relationship during the three years of development, and we broke up because of my weight and mental state. Mental state...that too! I can't think clearly anymore, I feel like I'm in a fog, I can't put sentences together like I used to...

I want surgery, TODAY! I can't wait to see what improvements I will be able to make with it. I feel so lucky to have been diagnosed in only 3 years, when I've read stories about people who waited DECADES. I want to be me again.

Persistence is key people. Don't listen to people who tell you nothing's wrong. It's YOUR body and you know when you're "not right." Persistence...and PPO's!!

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