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National Cushings Awareness Day Holds Special Meaning for Local Woman (AutumnOMA on the boards)

April 8th is National Cushing's Awareness Day, a day designed to shed light on a rare disease.

One local woman fought to have this day recognized.

Autumn Stinton describes the disease as “a life-altering, frightening disease,” and has had a major impact on her life.

“You wake up one morning and you look in the mirror and you don't even know who you are,” Autumn said.

Weight gain, brittle bones, psychological problems are just some of the symptoms, but because the disease only affects about ten out of every one million people, its difficult for doctors to recognize.

Stinton and others shared their concerns with leaders in Washington, DC and their efforts are paying off.

Just this week, Congress passed a resolution declaring April 8th as National Cushing's Awareness Day.

In particular, Stinton hopes the day catches the eye of doctors across the country.

“Their knowledge will prevent a lot of people from suffering,” she said.

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