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Mechelle's Story

I'm a 40 yr old female & just found out I have high cortisol & testosterone.

I started having problems after my first son 11 yrs ago, thought I was developng autoimmune disease--Lupus, & others (autoimmune hepatitis, interstitial cystitis, pernicious anemia, diabetes etc.) runs heavily on my mom's side. My dad's aunt died of Lupus, & grandfather had Lou Gehrigs. My tests for autoimmune problems always come back negative. I

just had a test for hormone levels by a new Dr. & my cortisol & testosterone was elevated & I was put on cortisol blocker. I have all of the symptoms of Cushings except I'm not overweight (5'5 & my weight flucts between 122 & 132--sometimes up to 10 lbs in one week for no explan.--Drs. don't believe me) .

I've had hematuria & protein in my urine for 10-11 yrs w/no UTI's/infections, no fevers, no kidney stones, etc.,-- & my blood tests & urine always show I'm dehydrated. Both pregnancys were premature w/a lot of swelling, & both had abnormal insulin tests but when given the longer fasting blood test, in the normal/high range so not diabetic.

My blood pressure is normaly good & my cholesterol is good--I recently(approx. 6 months ago) switched to all organic w/only whole foods diet & no fast food & eliminate all sourches of MSG & free glutamates from food which helped some of my symptoms--still have them, though not as bad & when I have flares, that last for days instead of weeks.

I have episodes/flares of extreme backpain w/frequent urination which causes more back pain if I don't go & also causes back/neck tension & headaches; the pain also wakes me at night during flares--sometimes 4-5 x's or more during sleep. The last 2 years I have began new symptoms I never had before: severe headaches, extreme allergies to pollen & dust, eye pain-feels like needles poking in my eyes, rashes & hives on my skin (mostly chest arms & face, but sometimes back), acne type problems, very bad rosacea & flushing & broken capillaries around wasteband on pants, etc., vertigo, difficulty concentrating if there's alot of outside noises, loud noises cause headaches.

Last 2 years started having period of weight gain in abdominal area, as well as under my face/chin area. I started taking Prozac after 1st child because of anxiety--now new Dr. told me I have ADHD--& don't need the Prozac, he also said that Prozaz should haver lowered my cortisol & Testosterone levels.

My Dr. that ordered cortisol test said I can't have Cushings because I'm not overweight. I worried that he seemed to dismiss the possibility to quickly w/out further testing because he doesn't know about any of my other symptoms or previous tests by other Drs.

I have an appnt. to see endocrn Dr. in mid-October. I just want to find out what's wrong. I'm afraid my health w/start deteriorating as a get older & I may develop Lupus or something else, if symptoms persist and no cause is found.

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