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Maxine's Story...

I am Maxine, alli's mother. Help, Alli is in the hospital, severe abdominal pain--looking for cause. I mentioned Adrenal Crisis, but was told not with acute pain. She asked for cortisol test, Showed cortisol at 1 (after taking 30 mgs,day before. she usually takes 20 mgs. a day.

Could this be adrenal crisis? She has been diagnosed with adreal insufficency as secondary due to trigger point injections, but has had symptoms years before. Two months ago, lost almost all pubic hair, scalp hair is thinning. Was at Mayo 2 1/2 weeks ago, did all the standard tests, no extended blood test, no urine or saliva tests, some hormone tests. Does anyone have a good Dr. in Mpls area?

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