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Mattie's Story

Hello, My name is Mattie and my husband has Cushings.

He was diagnosed last June, after collapsing and suffering a tramatic brain injury. We didnt even know that he had Cushings until then.

We knew something wasnt right because of the moon face and weight gain and other stuff, but our doctor just said he was overweight. Because Cushing causes Ostoiporosis, when he fell he cracked his head really bad.

David is 35 and until the last couple years he was as healthy as a horse. We were being treated by some Endocrine Doctors in Louisville KY but they didnt know what they were doing, especially when they couldn'y find a tumor anywhere, so we moved to Ohio and started going to Cleveland Clinic. The Endocrine Doctors here seem to know more about Cushings, but they still havent been able to find the tumor.

All the tests they have done point to a pituitary tumor, except for the petrossal-sinus- sampling, which they are doing for the 3rd time next week. They said that when they went inside the couldnt get all the way through because David's sinuses are in wrong. So they are going to try that test one more time then they are going to do exploratory surgury and try and find it.

Our lives have been turned upside down the last year, and it was harder because no one even knew what cushings was, much less what to expect. Even our original Doctors!

It was nice to see this site and hopefully talk to others who have been there, done that! Any hopeful words or helpful advice is appreciated. Thank you, Mattie

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