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Mary L's Story...

I think my story is just beginning, but have had symptoms for years. I am 50 years old. I weighed 130 pounds 4 years ago, and now weigh close to 180, with most of the weight gain in my upper abdomen. I have tried every diet I've ever heard of, with no success.

I've been diagnosed with a myriad of conditions, including cataracts, neuromas in both feet, rosacea, sleep apnea, among others. I have gone from being a happy, healthy person to being a happy, health obsessed sick person...but I "don't look sick"! Recently had a 24 hour urine test which came back showing high cortisol, and have appointment with endo in 5 weeks. During mri, a very small pulmonary nodule showed up and so now we are trying to find out if that is something I need to worry about.

Another thing about me is something I think has contributed to my health problems. For about 3 years, I used a testosterone cream prescribed by my gynecologist to help with my sex drive. Mission accomplished, but also all of this other stuff! I no longer use the cream at all, but still have all these problems I find out can be caused by steroids.

I have 4 children. 2 are my stepdaughters I love like they are my own. I have 3 grandchildren and will have another in May. I'm married, have a great husband I totally adore, a good job, a happy future to look forward to. We are finally empty-nesters, something we've been looking forward to for some time! And now this.

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