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Mary's Story

I have not had a positive diagnosis for Cushings as of yet. I had just went to another Dr. begging for further testing - to atleast rule out Cushings. I just can't take this anymore.

I had the salivia test which showed 3x the normal level at 11pm. But that testing was ordered while my BHRT nurse was looking into my hormone levels. (very low DHEA & high cortisol) My hormones were somewhat imbalanced with higher Estrogen and a bit lower progesterone. I have also always know I have PCOS. She said I had adrenal fatigue, sent me to buy some adrenal rebuilders, lots of vitamins and told me to get some rest. She had aske dme if I was sleeping at night since my cortisol was so high. The answer is "yes" because I was so exhausted- dragging myself thru the day - I just couldn't wait to get home from work to sleep.

Anyway I now have been diagnosed with 19 different food allergies, I was tested for 22. I think if they would have tested for more- they would have found more. I just recently was told I have an overgrowth of CANDIDA femata (yeast) and low, low levels of the good intestineal bacteria. All this could be attributing to the allergies and my tiredness.

I also have a slight goiter and am taking 30mg of Armour. My bloodwork was fine, but my RAUI showed my thyroid gland only uptaking 8% of the normal 15% and since I was "subclinical hypothyroid" they decided this might work for my exhaustion. It helped for a week or two but then I was dragged back down again. I begged for a CAT scan on my adrenals but it showed up ok, but I have some cysts on my ovaries & cervix so now I get to take progesterone.

All of this began atleast 3 years ago, I began leaking breast milk (my "baby" was 11 at the time). I was told I had "good boobs" by my Gyno and said not to worry. It went away & showed up again a year later. This time I put it together with my exhaustion (I was popping many vitamins to keep up my day to day stuff) I had severe PMS, awful mood swings, weight that wouldn't come off no matter what I did or how many times I went to the gym or ran (yes I can't even believe I used to run 6 to10 miles a week! I am too tired to do it now!)

I am now almost 39, 200lbs @ 5'6" , with 2 active teenagers. I slept most of last summer away. My skin is thinning, it tears sometimes, my face is getting rounder (I used too actually have a very elongated facial structure). I am on a very strict allergy free diet, and the weight isn't budging much.

I am too young for this! I want to live my life again! Help! How can I get my Dr's to listen?

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