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Marta's Story...

i'm 51 (F)..since '98 i've been gaining lots of weight..i did develop a huge upper body..buffalo hump, fat deposits on my back, abdomen is growing out of control, my waistline is about 40" (used to be 26-28")..i look like i'm 9 months pregnant..for 8 years i have been unable to find a competent doctor..they blame me for overeating (i cannot even eat solid food anymore), i have no appetite..i exercise as much as i can, but i'm extremely fatiqued even without, they blame menopause..i was told i had CFIDS..depresion (i do have that).. and a number of other dx..i know i'm being misdiagnosed..two plastic surgeons (who actually looked @ my body) said tehy would not operate on me..i need to lose weight first for lipo and/or tummytuck..both commented on the abnormal distribution of fat on my body..and it's getting worse..pls help..Marta

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