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Marit's Story...

Hi there! I'm a 25 year old female with what I call a magical medical mystery tour.

I started having severe anxiety 8 years ago, which led to severe depression. Antidepressants helped and I was ok for 4 years, until I 'crashed' again. After that, I recovered but not completely. I've tried a lot of medications, with varying results. The 'cloud' just has not lifted, although I was able to finish my degree and socialize with friends alright. Over the past 8 years, I've gained 80 pounds, and found it impossible to lose. It's been pretty evenly distributed, I don't have the buffalo hump, moon face, or thinner arms and legs. My waist is about 12" smaller than my hips still. Except my appetite left me few months ago, and since I've been taking in so little calories, I have lost 30 pounds since the beginning of September. My bad nutrition eventually caught up, I guess.

A couple of years ago my periods became irregular. Actually, several months passed and I didn't have one. I was found to have high testosterone and free androgen index, and was diagnosed with PCOS. I was put on the pill, which regulates my periods. Recently, my free androgen index has gone from extremely high back to normal range. I was on metformin for a few months, but that's what stopped my eating (I'd get nauseous a lot) and I'm not insulin resistant so I stopped.

Besides the weight gain over the past few years, I noticed that I'd get overheated easily in the summer. This past summer I actually got heat stroke.

I always assumed it was the antidepressants I was on, as they can have that affect. Starting last winter though, I started having cold periods where I just could not warm up. I started thinking maybe I was hypothyroid. Finally I was referred to an endocrinologist, who saw me once, did a few tests, and found my 24 hour urine cortisol was high. We did a dex suppression test, and it suppressed very low. He dropped me, saying I didn't have any problems, no Cushing's, etc.

I asked why my cortisol was high then, he said it could be a thousand reasons, but that I was on the pill, spironolactone, and my anxiety and depression probably contributed. He told me not to worry about it. That was last week. My family doctor has said she'll do more tests for me. I don't know if I can get a CT scan of my adrenals.

I don't WANT Cushing's, but I don't feel confident it's been ruled out either. Although my 24 hour urine cortisol was not considered extremely high, and my free androgen has gone down, I am still not sure. My ACTH, DHEAS, 17-OHP and blood cortisol are mid-range normal. My ferritin was low, so I'm taking iron supplements. That could explain some of my symptoms. I guess now it's just a waiting game until I see my family doctor in 2 weeks.

If anyone has advice, comments, or just wants to say hi, feel free to !

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