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Marion's Story

I am not the one that may have Cushings, it is my husband. He has following symptoms: high blood pressure, diabetes, heavy & obese stomach area, buffalo hump, doesn't heal cuts quickly, fatigued alot, always has to lie down during day (sometimes more than once), is very obese and can't seem to lose weight, he takes meds for cholesterol, has high triglicerides. What do you think by just what I have told you?????

His VA doc tested him last week with a 24 hour urine test with some additive in jug; was for Cushings. How reliable is this test???? I've had problems with hypothyroidism and just recently found out by the Saliva test that I had very low cortisol, my endos (2) and primary doc said I was fine thyroid and cortisol. But I found a Doc that treated all my symptoms and gave a reliable test, not a one time blood test.

So as you can see I am very skeptical land want to be prepared to make sure my husband gets the best care.

Will be waiting for your response. Thanks in advance

Update, October 15, 2007

Hi, I am adrenal fatigue person that has had it many years. I was diagnosed with thyroid problems back in the 70's.

I got very sick summer of 2006 with intestinal flu, went to doc for help. Running tests it showed that my thyroid showed more hypo, I told them because I could not get keep anything down for a week. Upped thyroid anyway, then I went down hill. Fought 3 doctors about low adrenals from all I learned on internet, their blood tests show I was fine, said thyroid was fine.

I found a doc that would do 24 hr saliva test, found that I was very low on cortisol...he put me on adrenal supplements which really helped but it was not enough so I am now on HC doing 22.5 mg a day over the day and I really feel better. But I came to this site because of Cushings.

I believe my husband has Cushings because of the many symptoms he has of it. His doc only did blood and urine test which said he he is negative.

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