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Maria Laura's Story

Good morning to all. My name is Maria Laura and I live in a small town of south-center Italy.I'm a 29 y.o. woman, obese, with frequently headache, sight problem (I've also a shortsighted), difficulty to sleep or have a good sleep (I'm always sleepy!), tiredness, moon face, exces of hairs on my face(above all on my chin,upper lip and lower lip), my brest and abdomen, few on my back and a lot of my interior thigh and in other places where the sun doesen't shine... I remember a Shania Twain's song: man I feel like a woman... But with my beard ad my exces hair I say: woman I feel like a men!

My journey into cushing deseas start in the middle of June 2008. I've had the 1st appointment with a gynecologist(he assisted at my birth) because I've had a period of 23 days. You must know that I've never had regular periods, and this has been the third time that I've had a period so long (the other two have been of 12/14 days). The first thing that this wonderful man said to me: YOU HAVE CUSHING DESEASE and in my mind I've immediatly see a Dr. House ephisode with a 12 y.o. girl with this desease and she have had a transfenoidal surgery. He perform an echography to my ovary and he find two cysts the first of about 9 cm and the 2nd of about 4 cm. Only now I can explain my pain in the low stomach: the cysts pression . He gave me a list of exams to make: 24 hours urine, acth and others...

But now I must made a flashback. In January, I've been going to a dermatologist for my massive hair loss. He gave me some exams to perform: acth, testosterone,and others... The only thing that I have little high was my glycemia and my acth was 43 (the range in Italy is 4.3-48.8 pg/ml).

My acth in the end of June was 151.70, my glycemia is just a point over the maximum range (110, I have 111, in my Febrauary exams was at 127),testosterone is doubled and now is high, prolactine and cortisol still perfect, 24 hours urine also perfect,and also the echography at my kidneys and suprarenal glands... The only thing that I must make is an MRI at my head, and if God will, I hope to make it very soon also if the idea to return in those tube don't make me happy...Wednesday afternoon I'll have an appointment with an endorinologist, ad she'll see all my exams.

In the end, I don't know exactly if I have this desease, but it's the only thing that can explain all my problems... I've always thinked to be hypocondriac with all these pains!

May God bless you for this wonderful helpful site.

With, love, Maria Laura.

ps: forgive me for all the mistakes in this message.

ps 2: there will be updates after the MRI

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