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Margaret's Story

Not much to say yet only that went to doc 2 weeks ago with bad acne on my back and a swelling between my shoulder blades. She gave me antibiotis and said come back in 3 days.

Did so, saw different doc and she decided to test for cushings, tests came back a week later (last friday) and saw a locum who said after looking up her little book that yes, she reckons its cushings and referred me to a endo specialist.

I am waiting for an appointment as I write.

Update July 26, 2005

just an update to say that iv got an appointment with an endo tomorrow(26th july 05),hoping i will get some answers as my gp tells me last week that she doesnt think i have cushings at all now,based on the blood test she took, which came back normal she said.and im very confused with the whole thing.

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