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Maggie's Story...

hi my names maggie. im 18 years old and im trying to get diagnosed with cushings. ive been sick for about a year and a half, ever since i got mono last january. ive gained 60 (half my body weight!) and ive gotten so tired that i missed 7 months of my senior year. i sleep all the time, but most of the time not at night. i have a lot of cushings symptoms, and i have a pituitary tumor.

ive been to a lot of doctors, close to where i live, in philadelphia, my mom and i even went to california to see an encocrinologist. hes been very helpful but at the same time sort of slow about helping me. ive had numerous tests done but i dont have enough high cortisols to confirm that i need surgery. im hoping to be better by the end of august (almost 3 months) so i can start college. i know a year and a half isnt long to be suffering with this disease. all the people whove had this longer i admire u so much for your patience, but i still hate it.

im still waiting and still hoping.

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