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Lynn's Story

I was diagnosed with Cushings Disease in 1993 and had transphenoidal surgery to remove the tumor from my pituitary gland in Dec. 1993 and Jan. 1994 at the NIH. During my stay there I met Kathy Carbone and would love to reconnect with her. She sat with me after my second surgery and I stayed at her home when I returned to the NIH for my 6 month check up. I have seen her name and pictures on the site but have no way to contact her. If anyone knows her email address or other contact info I would so appreciate it if you would share that with me.

I am one of the blessed ones for whom the surgery was a cure! Although I have only 25% - 30% of my pituitary gland left it works perfectly and I have not taken any medication since the initial SoluCortef immediately following surgery and with diminishing doses for about 1 year after.

I had to have 2 surgeries because the first one didn't get the tumor. In the second surgery the tumor was found imbedded in my pituitary gland not on the surface as many are.

I praise the Lord that I have been cured and that for all these years I have had no problems, it truly is a blessing from the Lord.

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