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Lu's Story

Diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis a year ago - progressed to severe status and read only way to remission is steroids which I wanted to avoid.

Didnt think Id get amost EVERY side effect though including this horrifying Cushings Syndrome!!

Was on 40mg - not helping - when I went up to 50mg, it started with the moon face and acne and losing hair from my head....then the hump and swollen neck/collarbone....THEN the addition of fat but in areas I HAVE NEVER HAD FAT (is this cushings still?) ...I now have a big fat belly and rolls on my back ....Never had fat there before and feel so uncomfortable...

weaning down and am at 15 mg but side effects not lessening and told the HUMP can take many months to go away....oh God is this true?

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