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Lorraine H's Story...

My name is Lorraine and I am 45 years old. I just came upon this site and read some of the stories and cried because they all sound like me.

I was thin as a child, always a picky eater. At 16 I went from 95 to 160 pounds from June to September--all the while playing tennis 8 hours a day every day. At 20 I was diagnosed as having a slow thyroid and hypoglycemia. I got married at 26 and started losing a little weight while on the thyroid medication.

When I became pregnant, my doctor told me to go off the medication and there was no turning back. I am 5 feet tall and weigh 230. I am never hungry, hardly eat and have the big middle and hump. A month ago I was diagnosed with PCOS by a doctor who finally believed me. Most people look at you and think you are a pig who eats and sleeps all day. No one believes you. I cry most days. I tell my husband it's an illness you can't hide. You carry the weight with you as a reminder 24/7. I envy overweight people who overeat. At least they know their problem and solution. We're not so lucky. Hopefully tomorrow the doctor will go over my tests and look further and find I have cushings. At least I would finally know what I have and know I am not crazy.

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