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Lorraine's Story...

Hi my name is Lorraine.
I have not yet been diagnosed yet, but I do believe that I might have Cushing's. About 5 years ago I began feeling very fatigued and just plain beat up. Every muscle in my body ached. I began gaining weight very fast. I was always so tired. My brain became very foggy. I had trouble speaking simple sentences. My memory seemed to be slipping away. I have acne all the time. My doctor prescribed an antibiotic for that. I have very little strength in my arms and legs. Two years ago I woke and my ring finger on my right hand was in pain and was very swollen. I went to the doctor and he took x-rays, but was not sure why. He said maybe tendonitis. I still have this problem, only now it is also affecting my feet. My joints at the base of 1-2 toes is swollen and is causing terrible pain in my feet. My ribs are always sore and I have terrible back pain. I thought this was because all the extra weight, but no matter what I do I can not lose a pound. I feel like I am carrying around my back. I have put on so much weight in my back. My shoulders are very rounded and I think I may have the "hump", but with all the extra back weight who can tell. I also have am experiencing blurred vision and dizziness around the same time the who memory loss began. I also have the stretch marks on the arms and stomach.

When this all began I went to my doctor she diagnosed me with Premenstrual anxiety disorder and shoved Prozac at me. She said this probably has attributed to the weight gain, and my back hurts probably because the strain from my large breast. I explained I do not have a lot of stress in my life and did not need the Prozac, but she insisted I did. I went back to her the following year and she did some testing on my thyroid but all test came back fine. I figured she was right. If I could lose all this weight I would feel better.

So I began going to CURVES and exercising 5 days a week. I began walking, stair climbing taking my vitamins, drinking lots of water, watching what I ate, but nothing. I can not lose this weight. So there I go back to my doctor. By now My hands and feet are swollen and in terrible pain. She says maybe rheumatoid arthritis. I tell her maybe Cushing's, she test me for both. my test come back normal for both. She has me take x rays, and refers me to rheumatoid specialist and endocrinologist. I have Kaiser so I NEED A REFERRAL. The endo doctors office called today and I have an appt with them on Thurs March 18th (2004). shall not be held liable for any claim or right to recover damages, including, but not limited to, loss of profit, business, other incidental consequential damages, or other similar claims, even if has been specifically advised of the possibility of such damages.

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